I really want to build a new FAL with this as the crown… if only they made an arm brace for the FAL so I wouldn’t have to give the fucking IRS any more money.

It exists, I think ACE sells buffer tube assemblies for FALs and I bet the sig brace would work on there


neoicarus asked:

Hey im going to enlist in the army Monday, any tips?

militaryarmament answered:

Don’t be the best, and don’t be the worst, be average.

If you show ‘em that you’re the best there they’ll start pushing you more and expect a lot more of you than the others, they’ll be disappointed at you when you can’t deliver and take it out on you. 

And well, if you’re the worst one there then you’re gonna have a bad time.

Try and stay in the middle of the pack and you’ll sail smoothly through the wind. 

I believe this applies to the majority of the armed forces around the world.

I want you to know I’m talking about a basic military service here though, if you ever find yourself at BUD/S or Ranger school then by God you should give all you can give.

Good luck to you and hope you find what your looking for.


All you really need to do in basic is what you’re told, and naturally don’t do what you’re told not to do. So many kids in my cycle thought they were smarter than the Drills and before you knew it they found out they were wrong. If its contraband don’t get caught with it, if you’re not supposed to do it don’t get caught doing it. Be where you’re supposed to be 15 minutes early always, and embrace the suck. Go in expecting sweat and tears and accept it when it comes, it’ll make it a lot easier.

At the same time, have some fun with it. Yes its going to suck whale dick at some points, but most of it is fun shit. They are literally paying you to workout/get fit, make new friends, and shoot badass weapons.